Parkland Place is operated by Adferiad, a user and carer-led organisation which provides a broad range of individualised services for people with life challenges including mental health problems, substance misuse issues, and co-occuring and complex needs. Adferiad Recovery has been commissioned by GambleAware to provide residential rehabilitation for adults presenting with gambling disorder and complexities, specifically co-morbid alcohol and/or substance use disorder.

Excessive gambling is increasingly being recognised as a public health issue. It is estimated that for each person with a gambling problem, seven others are also affected. Compulsive gambling leads to higher instances of co-occurring disorders such as substance use problems, depression, or anxiety. In light of this, Adferiad Recovery has joined forces with GambleAware, the National Gambling Treatment Service, in creating a treatment pathway for complex co-occurring comorbidities including alcohol, substance misuse, mental health conditions and other harmful behaviours in conjunction with gambling addiction. The first of its kind in the UK, Adferiad Recovery will deliver the provision in partnership with Gordon Moody.





The mission is finding and sustaining recovery from harmful behaviors. We provide specialised inpatient care to combat both alcohol, substance misuse and gambling addiction. Throughout this process you will receive a tailored and bespoke package of care which allows individuals to set goals, identify potential barriers, build recovery capital, personal resilience and resourcefulness.

Throughout the process you receive a comprehensive assessment to identify your needs and a specific treatment plan will be tailored to you.

The most effective option for treating co-occurring gambling and addiction is to address addictions at the same time rather than treating them as separate problems. Treating substance sisuse without addressing the co-occurring gambling problem increases the chances of returning to harmful behaviors when leaving treatment.

We operate and support the “no wrong door” philosophy, applying these principles across the program.

If you are struggling with gambling addiction, alcohol, drugs and harmful behaviors contact us today for a confidential judgement free conversation with a member of our highly trained empathic team. Let us help you in making the first steps to embarking on your personal recovery journey.

You will receive a comprehensive assessment prior to admission establishing each of your needs whilst engaging through the pathway. This will be personal and tailored to you.

Length of stay will be based on a clinical assessment of need, and therefore ranges, depending on issues identified in the assessment process. There is no ‘one size fits all’ provision, each care and treatment plan will be developed in partnership with the patient and is responsive to their changing needs. However, we estimate an average stay across all our partnership of 9 weeks.