Not Quite Ready for Rehab?

Rehab is going to be a potentially life changing experience for you, but you may not feel quite ready to make take the decision yet. It may be that we never feel ‘quite ready’ to take certain positive steps in our life, but we need to do them anyway. You might be able to take some proactive steps yourself, and this can be very positive.

Proactive Steps that May be Appropriate – 


Sometimes it can be appropriate and helpful to get concerned family members, friends, co-workers and professionals together for an intervention. This is a series of events that will include meeting the addicted person to help them better understand the full implications of their illness and facilitate getting further help, hopefully right away.

Family Doctor or Your GP

Your own family doctor will have the ability to refer you to other specialists and also give some practical help, although NHS services are not as quickly available or have the quality of follow up that you would get privately.

Outpatient and Non Residential

NHS Outpatient services may be available in your area and may help you cope with some aspects of your addiction.

Self Help Groups

There are various self-help groups, some individuals do very well with programmes such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), GA (Gamblers Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous). The systems involve attending regular meetings and working with another experienced person well established in their own ongoing recovery.


The use of therapy can be very useful in coming to an understanding of the underlying reasons for your behaviour and emotions. This can be working with a trained therapist or counsellor and a good first step in your recovery.