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Parkland Place – Providing guidance, support and space

a new choice awaits

Welcome to Parkland Place Lancashire, a luxury detox centre dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction.  

Located in the heart of Lancashire, in the small village of Withnell, our facility is designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for individuals seeking detoxification and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. We welcome clients from across the UK and abroad who are looking to achieve those important first stages of recovery in a positive and supportive environment.

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Every journey starts with one small step

Call one of our experienced team members for advice today on detoxification and recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Our unit is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a client webchat facility that runs daily from 9am – 5pm.

Parkland Place – Providing guidance, support and space

About Parkland Place

The key to recovery


At Parkland Place Lancashire, we understand that addiction is a complex disorder that requires each person to be treated on an individual basis.  


We offer a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatments and interventions designed to address each client’s unique set of needs and challenges. We recognise that addiction is often a multi-layered condition that can affect every aspect of life, which is why we take a holistic approach to recovery.


It is important to us that each person is given a unique pathway of care to reflect their individual circumstances. In our experience, providing a truly bespoke treatment is often the key to a sustainable future free from addiction.

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The process



An initial assessment will be conducted, typically a phone consultation.



During this assessment we will discuss any current challenges and outline the most suitable programme of treatment. This initial call usually takes around 30 minutes. 


You will have an assessment review by our professional clinicians, You’ll also be free to request a GP Summary.


Once an admission date has been agreed, we will arrange for one of our drivers to collect you and bring you to our centre to begin treatment.

In safe hands


We are proud to be a fully medically managed facility. 


Our team is comprised of a number of highly trained medical professionals, doctors and nurses, all with the same goal, to successfully aid and support your medically-managed detox.  


Working alongside our medical staff, we have a skilled team of management and admin staff, recovery workers, chefs and cleaners; all working with commitment to recovery as a priority.  


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The facility


Parkland Place is situated in the beautiful Lancashire countryside, nestled between the towns of Chorley and Blackburn in a peaceful, semi-rural location.


Just off the M65 and M61, the centre offers a serene and tranquil setting to begin your recovery journey.  


Surrounded by hills and lush greenery, the original meaning of Withnell is ‘hill where the willow trees grow’. Our relaxing setting provides a comfortable and safe environment to move away from the pressures of modern life and begin to take those important next steps. Our medically managed detox programme is designed to safely manage withdrawal symptoms so clients can begin the process of healing in calm and tranquil surroundings.



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Caring for your well-being


At Parkland Place Lancashire, we believe that well-being is an important factor in recovery. 


Our centre offers a range of services to ensure that clients feel comfortable throughout their treatment programme.

Our services…

  • Round-the-clock-care in our medically managed unit – open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A webchat facility that runs daily from 9am – 5pm.
  • 23 furnished bedrooms located throughout the site, each with a single bed, TV and en-suite facilities.
  • Homemade, locally sourced, nutritious food – prepared during the day by our two on-site chefs.

Recovery is Possible


We believe that recovery is possible for everyone and we are fully committed to helping you to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.


Whether you are struggling with drug addiction, substance misuse or alcohol dependency, we will guide you towards a happier and healthier life.


Although it may feel like a big step, making the decision to call is a positive first move. Our supportive team members understand the feelings associated with this first stage of recovery and will always make time to talk through any fears, concerns or worries you may have.


Recognising is the first step


Let’s take the next step together.


The site at Lancashire has been developed specifically to support and guide clients through medically managed detox.  For our private clients, we also have access to ongoing rehabilitation services at Parkland Place North Wales.  

Please explore our website and learn more about the facilities and services that we offer.

Parkland Place – Providing guidance, support and space

a new choice awaits

our values

At Parkland Place Lancashire we strive for…





These are vital to our ethos and are fully embedded in the day-to-day running of our centre.


Picture of parklandplace lancashire building from outside

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals is committed to providing the highest quality of care and support to help clients achieve their goals. Supporting our clients with round-the-clock care, staff members have the medical knowledge and understanding to safely set our clients on the right path to recovery.  


We pride ourselves on being led by the people we serve – we are consistently reflecting upon, and improving our service.  People with lived experience remain at the centre of our values, ambition and mission.


We have managed the safe recovery of many clients and continue to shape our practice around their feedback and successes.