Frequently asked questions

How quickly can admission be arranged?

Our team works with a collaborative and flexible approach to deliver a service that works for you.

You will be assessed by a member of our friendly referrals team, this assessment will then be reviewed by our clinicians. You will then be offered our earliest admission date.

Please contact us to arrange an assessment or speak to our friendly team.

Free Assessment

What is the admission process?

We complete a detailed assessment before each admission – either in person or over the phone – to ensure we can offer a therapeutic programme to suit your needs.

After completing your free assessment, we will discuss your options.

We will support you in any way we can to make arrangements for your admission and will even organise a car to collect you.

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How long is the programme and what does it involve?

We understand that each client is unique and that each individual has their own specific needs. Some may need to spend just a few days with us while others may require a longer stay.

The length of time required will be confirmed by our clinicians once an assessment has been completed.

Your stay will be to safely complete a medically managed detox.

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How will coming to Parkland Place affect my job?

We take confidentiality very seriously, and will not share information about your stay with us without your prior consent.

However, if you do choose to discuss your treatment with your employer we can provide guidance during these conversations.  We already work with several employers to support people with substance misuse and behavioural addictions.

Support for employers

How much does it cost? How do I arrange payment?

Our quotation will be based on the therapeutic need identified during your initial assessment Our admissions team will be able to talk you through our pricing structure. We will be on hand to answer any questions you might have following your assessment.

We are confident you will find our approach offers great value and an unrivalled therapeutic programme.

Can my family visit? What services are available for family members?

Parkland Place Lancashire does not allow family members to visit, however all clients are allowed their mobile phones at all times, we encourage clients to contact their families during their stay.

Our Programme

How discreet and confidential is it?

Confidentiality is vital to our work, and to the work undertaken by our guests. We will do all we can to protect your privacy during your stay with us. We expect all our guests to share this commitment.

All client data is stored confidentially and securely following our policies and procedures. Unless there is an over-riding medical or legal reason, we will not disclose anything about you, or your time with us, without prior consent.


Privacy policy

What is the environment like?

Parkland Place Lancashire is situated in the beautiful Lancashire countryside, nestled between the towns of Chorley and Blackburn in a peaceful, semi-rural location. 

Just off the M65 and M61, Parkland Place Lancashire offers a tranquil setting to begin your recovery journey.  

Surrounded by hills and lush greenery, the original meaning of Withnell is ‘hill where the willow trees grow’. Our relaxing setting provides a comfortable and safe environment to take yourself away from the pressures of modern life and begin to make those important next steps. Our medically-supervised detoxification programme is designed to safely manage withdrawal symptoms so clients can begin the process of healing in a calm and tranquil setting.


Accommodation and Facilities


At Parkland Place Lancashire, we believe that well-being is an important factor of recovery.

Our centre offers a range of services to ensure that clients feel comfortable throughout their treatment programme.

Our services include…

  • Round-the-clock-care in our medically managed unit – open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A web-chat facility that runs daily from 9am – 5pm.
  • 23 furnished bedrooms located throughout the site – each with a single bed, TV and en-suite facilities.
  • Homemade, locally sourced, nutritious food – prepared during the day by our on-site chefs.


What is the average day like?

Our detoxification programme is tailored to you and your needs – but there are a number of common features and sessions for all our guests.

Our programme also includes a great range of activities, including access to Art supplies. quiz nights and board games. We can also offer access to AA and NA fellowship meetings in support of your recovery.

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What are the qualifications of the therapists?

We are proud to be a fully medically-managed facility. 

Our team is comprised of highly trained medical professionals, doctors and nurses; all with the same goal, to successfully aid and support your medically-managed detox.  

Each member of the Parkland Place Lancashire team is experienced in delivering therapeutic support for addiction with a number of our staff themselves in recovery.

Our senior management team has decades of experience running services for people with substance misuse conditions and behavioural addictions.

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What happens at the end of my stay?

Before you leave Parkland Place Lancashire, we will help you look at aftercare support that is available once you have completed our detox.

We will ensure you have the contacts needed for community support and mutual aid groups.

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