Frequently asked questions

How quickly can admission be arranged?
We work flexibly to deliver a service which works for you.


If we have a vacancy and you are assessed as being ready to start your stay with us immediately, we may be able to accept a same-day admission.

Please contact us to arrange an assessment or speak to our friendly team.

Free assessment

What is the admission process?
We complete a detailed assessment prior to each admission – either in person or over the phone – to ensure we can offer a therapeutic programme suited to your needs.

After completing your free assessment, we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

We will be happy to support you to make arrangements for your admission, and will be pleased to send a car to collect you.

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How long is the programme and what does it involve?
Each of our guests is unique, and each individual guest has unique needs. Some may need to spend just a few days with us, while others may require a longer stay.

On average, our guests will spend between three and four weeks focusing on their recovery at Parkland Place.

In many cases, our guests require structured medical detoxification before beginning their recovery journey.  While we don’t offer detoxication on-site at Parkland Place, we can provide no-fuss access to our own clinic to ensure a seamless therapeutic package.

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How will coming to Parkland Place affect my job?
We will be happy to support our guests in discussing their therapy with their employer, if they choose to do so.  We already work with a number of employers to support people with substance misuse and behavioural addictions.

We take confidentiality very seriously, and will not share information about your stay with us without your prior consent.

Support for employers

How much does it cost? How do I arrange payment?

Our quotation will be based on the therapeutic need identified during your initial assessment Our admissions team will be able to talk you through our pricing structure. We will be on hand to answer any questions you might have following your assessment.

We are confident you will find our approach offers great value and an unrivalled therapeutic programme.

Can my family visit? What services are available for family members?
Parkland Place actively encourages family visits as part of our comprehensive therapeutic programme.


We believe that connecting – or reconnecting – with your family is a vital part of your recovery.  We will be pleased to support family visits, and to involve family members in structured sessions as part of our programme.

With their consent, we will be happy to support our guests in discussing their therapy with family members.

Family visits take place on Sunday afternoons by prior arrangement.

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How discreet and confidential is it?
Confidentiality is vital to our work, and to the work undertaken by our guests.  We will do all we can to protect your privacy during your stay with us, and expect all our guests to share this commitment.


We store all the data we hold on you confidentially and securely in accordance with our policies and procedures.  Unless there is an over-riding medical or legal reason, we will not disclose anything about your time at Parkland Place without your prior consent.

Privacy policy

What is the environment like?
We believe Parkland Place offers the perfect place to begin your recovery journey.  The house is set in beautiful countryside in the heart of North Wales.


Our light and generously-proportioned arts and crafts-influenced mansion is full of character, with high ceilings and many original features.  Parkland Place sits in three acres of lawned gardens and is surrounded by mature woodland, wildlife and birdsong.

Accommodation and facilities

Our rehabilitation programme includes weekly adventures in beautiful North Wales.  Together, we will take in some of the best sights and attractions this glorious region has to offer, and learn a little of Wales’ ancient history and unique identity.

We use the beauty and splendour of North Wales, and the region’s rich history and culture in support of your recovery.

Why North Wales

What is the average day like?
Our therapeutic programme is tailored to you and your needs – but there are a number of common features and sessions for all our guests.

A typical day might comprise group psycho-educative exercises in the morning, followed by a one-on-one session with one of our addiction workers or a counsellor in the afternoon.  We will also expect you to complete written exercises in support of your work.

Our programme also includes a great range of activities, including art classes, guided group walks, leisure outings to attractions throughout North Wales, quiz nights, fun games and film screenings.  We can also offer access to AA and NA fellowship meetings in support of your recovery.

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What are the qualifications of the therapists?
Each member of the Parkland Place team is highly qualified and experienced in delivering therapeutic support for addiction and associated issues.  A number of our staff are themselves in recovery.

Our senior management team have decades of experience of running services for people with substance misuse conditions and behavioural addictions.

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What happens at the end of my stay?
Before you leave Parkland Place, we will work with you to create an aftercare plan which fits around your personal circumstances.  You will take away a portfolio including details of all the work you’ve done while staying with us, the strategies you’ve learned, and step-by-step plans to help you move forward in a way which suits you.

We will make sure you have the contacts you need for community support, mutual aid groups and employer liaison (where appropriate) in the area where you live.

And we will keep in touch!  We offer all our guests regular catch-ups during the 12 months following their stay – to help them keep focused and make the most of their recovery.

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