Our Rehab Programme

Our therapeutic rehab programme is based on you and your needs, combining a core schedule of activities with a flexible range of personalised support. All our interventions are based on our four decades of experience treating people with mental health and substance misuse conditions, and delivered by our skilled and experienced staff team – a number of whom have their own, personal experiences of addiction.

Everything we do is underpinned by established and evidence-based principles. Our programme draws on solution-focused and person-centred models of care – including cognitive behavioural and metacognitive therapies – and a number of successful recovery programmes.


Before you join us at Parkland Place, we will offer you a full assessment to fully establish your needs and enable us to build a fully tailored programme bespoke to you.

We deliver our rehab programme both in groups and on a one-to-one basis, including through formal individual counselling. Our aim is to address both addictive behaviours and the underlying psychological and social issues which give rise to these addictive behaviours, enhancing thought processes, developing coping strategies and guarding against triggers.


In many cases, our guests require structured medical detoxification before beginning their recovery journey at Parkland Place. We offer no-fuss access to our own clinic at Parkland Place Lancashire – including transfers – to ensure a seamless therapeutic experience.

Salus Withnell Hall is offers a complete, medically-managed inpatient detox under the supervision of a highly-experienced clinical team. Our clinic, set in 14 acres on the edge of the Trough of Bowland, provides the perfect location to prepare for the next phase of your recovery journey.


During rehabilitation, we work with you to support and encourage your recovery journey. The highly-skilled Parkland Place team will devise a bespoke therapeutic programme tailored to you and your needs, and designed to help you to learn to avoid triggers, develop new coping strategies, and find new ways to enhance your wellbeing.

Typically, this phase will last around two weeks and includes:

  • Activity scheduling and maintaining motivation
  • Identifying and challenging belief-led behaviours
  • Managing cravings
  • Managing anger and practicing assertiveness
  • Managing depression and low mood
  • Managing social anxiety
  • Reducing panic


As your stay at Parkland Place comes to a close, we will work together to prepare and plan for your return home.

The final part of our programme includes a full review of your learning, open discussion of relapse and coping strategies, and establishing new strategies to maintain and sustain your recovery after you leave.

We will agree your personal and professional goals, then help you make concrete plans to achieve them. All our guests can take advantage of our aftercare support to help them to sustain their progress.

Family therapy

Families and loved ones are a key part of your recovery. During your stay, you will be offered family therapy visits to involve those closest to you in your recovery.


Before you leave Parkland Place, we will work with you to create an aftercare plan which fits around your personal circumstances. You will take away a portfolio including details of all the work you’ve done while staying with us, the strategies you’ve learned, and step-by-step plans to help you move forward in a way which suits you.

We will make sure you have the contacts you need for community support, mutual aid groups and employer liaison (where appropriate) in the area where you live. We will challenge you to follow – and stick to – proven routes to health and wellbeing.

And we will keep in touch! We offer all our guests regular catch-ups during the 12 months following their stay – to help them keep focused and make the most of their recovery.

Experience North Wales

Regular physical activity, an appreciation of nature, and an awareness of the world around us can be one of the most effective ways to stay grounded and in the moment, providing an important route to the peace and mindfulness which many people in recovery find helpful.

Our rehabilitation programme includes weekly adventures in beautiful North Wales. Together, we will take in some of the best sights and attractions this glorious region has to offer, and learn a little of Wales’ ancient history and unique cultural identity.

We believe North Wales is the perfect backdrop to your recovery, offering a rich, green and often wild landscape with plenty to explore. Atmospheric scenery, natural wonder and wildlife, pristine lakes and rivers, stunning beaches, craggy mountains, rolling hills, meandering coastal paths, castles and Celtic culture are all right here on our doorstep.

Why North Wales?

Activities and additional therapies

Our roster of regular activities includes art classes, guided group walks, leisure outings to attractions throughout North Wales, quiz nights, fun games and film screenings. We can also offer access to AA and NA fellowship meetings in support of your recovery.

We can also offer access to a wide range of additional and complimentary therapies from trusted local providers, and will be pleased to make arrangements for you. Simply contact one of our team during your stay, and we will be pleased to help to make the necessary arrangements.

Accommodation and facilities