Rehab for Bristol, Bath and Somerset County.


Parkland Place is located just 4 hours and 30 minutes from Somerset. We are able to work closely with social and health services in the Somerset area.

Dealing with substance abuse in Bristol, Bath and Somerset County.

Tackling alcohol and drug abuse in Southwest England is a top priority of local governments. Complex substance abuse situations which involve this likes of homelessness and mental health problems are common not just throughout Bristol, Bath or Somerset County, but indeed the length and breadth of the UK. These are increasing by the year with modern factors and developing psychological and socioeconomic conditions thought to be responsible. The police department of Bath and Somerset in particular are targeting drug production and sales in the region.

The area is notorious for drug related seizures and therefore an increasingly difficult place for gangs to operate illegal drug dealings and activity. Governments are optimistic that by limiting access to drugs such as cocaine and heroin, they can reduce exposure and spread of addiction.

Aside from substances you can also be addicted to behaviours such as gambling and sex, despite popular belief this can be just as destructive as addiction to illegal drugs or alcohol.

What can Someone Expect from the Residential Rehab Treatment Programme?

Residential treatment at a rehab centre can take up to four to six weeks, which is the recommended length of time for someone to attend who is battling addiction. After a medical assessment and admission, treatment begins with a detox, which can vary in length, all this is largely depending on the background and specific needs of the individual, this must be done at a detox institution such as Salus.
Counsellors encourage patients to start attending individual or group therapy sessions – if they are able to.

Post detox, rehab patients continue with therapy, methods of which differ depending on the establishment, at Salus, you can expect the very best in bespoke rehab care. This often includes therapies.
Before being discharged from the centre, a professional standard rehab centre teaches patients aftercare and provides contact for local support resources. This last but not least step shouldn’t be underestimated and is an incredibly important part of the recovery process.

After accessing NHS help you can request residential treatment at Parkland Place

How we treat people from Bristol, Bath and Somerset County with Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Here at Parkland Place we often help those with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction, along with counter occurring illnesses such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, bereavement, along with behavioural issues connected to addiction and low-self esteem. We can provide intensive and residential treatment thanks to specially designed treatment plan put together by our team of professional addiction therapists, under the guidance of our consultant psychiatrist.

Private rehabs such as Parkland Place are specially suited for directly tackling addiction. Rehab aims to provide treatment which will set the individual to deal with their situation throughout a lifetime, helping them to maintain sobriety.

What can you do Right Now?

We thoroughly recommend that you start attending your local alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous or gamblers anonymous group meetings right away. These are non-profit fellowships of recovering addicts who all hold regular meetings, there will be groups wherever you are in Somerset County or indeed all over the UK.
They all share the common focus on holding off from those destructive habits and staying sober – as well as supporting one-another’s sobriety.

Get in Touch

Parkland Place admissions team are more than happy answering questions that you might have about our comprehensive program of recovery, admissions process or funding.