Admissions from Manchester

Parkland Place rehab is only a short journey from Manchester with fantastic access using the expressway, or railway links.


Addiction in the Manchester Area

Manchester is hailed as one of the most important cities in the North West of England, and the whole of the UK – with some fantastic culture, music and history. However, it’s also no secret that the city (just like all big cities) has a notorious drug issue. As of late there is a growing opiate problem in the area. This is due to a combination of people wanting to escape from hectic and stressful work schedules and also the city’s decadent nightlife scene. Many people can develop an issue slowly and unexpectedly over time without realising – and when the issue gets out of hand it’s too late.

How to get help

People who are concerned about alcohol or drug problems should visit their GP for assessment. A GP can refer you on to Parkland Place privately or by using private healthcare insurance. Admissions can be completed extremely fast. If you’re looking for treatment through the NHS the Manchester drug action team can help you. They can also provide assessment for residential rehabilitation and can discuss preference for NHS referral to Parkland Place depending on your specific needs and requirements.

You can get more information on where to get assistance with your alcoholism on Mind’s website directory

Community Support Groups

We highly recommend that you start attending local alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous meetings as soon as possible. These non-profit fellowships are communities for recovering addicts of different kinds. They have a common goal to remain sober and help others achieve sobriety.

Talk to us for advice

Parkland Place are only too happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the admissions or funding process.