Admissions Liverpool

Parkland Place is only a 1 hour drive from Liverpool, thanks to easy access via the A55. There are also great train links.

Drug Addiction in Liverpool

Drug addiction is a big issue in Liverpool as it is in major cities all across the UK, amongst all walks of life. Homeless people are among the most targeted group of people in the area by drug dealers – including the Everton area that shamelessly target the cities most vulnerable and how they have taken action. In June it was reported that a haul of £1,000 in coins was seized by the police. It highlighted how gangs operate in the area to deal drugs. However thanks to the cities decadent nightlife theres also plenty of drug habits and dependancies that develop as a result of a non-stop party lifestyle.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Liverpool

When choosing Liverpool rehab clinics you need to find a rehab that will do a lot more than just provide rehabilitation, also provide hope to people in trouble and they also provide the tools to help them turn their lives around.

The difference between private and healthcare facilitated treatment.

Treatment clinics on the National Health Service make patients jump through a lot of hurdles before they receive treatment. This doesn’t happen in private drug and alcohol detox clinics; you can simply walk in, get diagnosed, choose a clinic, pay the fee and undergo your treatment.

If you do need to use the NHS, that’s fine – you must first go to your GP to report your issue, and then discuss your desire to be referred to Parkland Place for residential rehab treatment.

Access to Treatment for All

Another huge problem with the NHS is that the state chooses which addictions are worth treating. Addiction to hard drugs is eligible for treatment, but addiction to other drugs, such as cannabis, is not.

Addiction can lead to serious complications, no matter what kind of drug it is. That’s why our private clinics can make sure everyone has access to the treatment they need.

High Quality Care

Parkland Place provides nothing but the best quality of care to their patients through detoxification and rehabilitation treatments that improve their quality of life. This is something the NHS system simply doesn’t provide because government cuts make it impossible to provide the best quality treatments possible.

Private detox clinics don’t have this issue thanks to the constant income of funding, which is invested in sustaining the clinics and providing the best treatments available.

Aftercare Programmes

Rehab  clinics recognise that the biggest problem for people who go through rehab is the adjustment period once they go back to their lives. That’s why our rehab offer aftercare programs designed to prepare patients to face the real world once more.

These programs include access to abuse counselors and regular phone sessions to help assess individual challenges. Another alternate aftercare option is walk-in centers, where doctors and support are always available. The idea is to gradually take the patient away from the support the programs provide until they can stand on their own feet without risk of relapse.

Ease of Access

Accessing Rehab help is not the hard part; the hard part is acknowledging your addiction and making the first move.

Once you do that, here’s what you need to do to get into rehab:

• Call the private help line.
• We are happy to discuss admissions and funding options
• You will receive suggestions on what clinics and programs are best for you.

Once you’ve met the eligibility requirements for the clinic that best meets your needs, you will be admitted as a residential patient, and your treatment will begin.


No detox clinics can guarantee success because some addiction problems can’t be solved after just one treatment. Sometimes it’s necessary to go back, and with that in mind, if necessary we will be able to assist you.