Alcohol Awareness Week is a week of raising awareness on alcohol use disorders, campaigning for change on the outlook of alcohol and more. Alcohol Awareness Week 2021 runs between 15-21 November. This year’s theme is Alcohol and Relationships.


Alcohol and Relationships – How are they linked?

The truth is, many of us use alcohol as a link for many of our relationships. We associate drinking alcohol with socialising and making friends. It can be a huge part of our connections with one another and be a factor in many of our interactions with people around us.

When our own drinking, or that of a loved one’s drinking, starts to have a negative impact on our relationships, it can make a massive difference in our lives. 

Research has shown that many people in the UK have begun to drink more often following the loneliness and isolation in the pandemic. As we have returned to normal life, this has continued to deal with the pressures of socialising. 

We have some tips for socialising without the need for alcohol…


How to Socialise Without Alcohol


  • Pick your signature non-alcoholic beverage

For those events where most people seem to be relying on alcohol, have a non-alcoholic drink in mind that you can order instead. When it comes to someone asking what you want, you then won’t default to your standard wine, beer or spirit order. 

If you already have a drink in your hand, even if it’s non-alcoholic, people will be less likely to offer you alcohol.


  • Have a response prepared. 

If you get asked the dreaded question ‘why aren’t you drinking?’ I can create a lot of anxiety. Having a response planned, such as ‘I don’t fancy having a hangover tomorrow’ or ‘I’ve decided not to drink for a while because…’ should help you feel comfortable. Most people won’t want to push the issue, but you don’t owe an explanation if they do. 


  • Put yourself forward as the designated driver.

A simple way to trick yourself into not drinking is by putting yourself forward as the designated driver for the evening. This way, your excuse is ready and even your friends will be encouraging you to not drink, otherwise, you could struggle to get home.


  • Get together for coffee or lunch instead.

Going for a drink is a casual way to catch up with a friend, or lower the nerves on a first date. However, you could brave it and suggest you go for a coffee or lunch in the daytime. The more peaceful setting is better for those in recovery, and you might be able to hear each other better too!


It is important to remember that if you are addicted to alcohol, quitting altogether can be very dangerous. Before you attempt to cut down on drinking, you should contact your GP and seek medical advice. For details on how we can assist you regarding alcohol addiction treatment please contact us for a free assessment.