Wonderful, glittery, sparkling Christmas has arrived – and with it all those pressures which can make the festive season such a painful and difficult time.  Joining us at Parkland Place for Christmas in rehab could be the best gift you could ever receive.

Christmas places enormous emotional strain on many of us.  We get stressed about cooking that special Christmas lunch, about delivering that perfect and expensive gift which will wow our loved ones, or about which family members we might – or might not – be able to spend those magical moments with.

There’s increased pressure to drink, of course.  During December, it seems like everyone is on it – all of the time.  Everything is soaked in booze; even the butter is laced with brandy.  The UK’s alcohol consumption increases more than 40% during the Christmas period.  Everyone’s doing it, on the soaps, on all the adverts, and at all those Christmas parties.

Those of us who aren’t as close to our families as we would like – or who struggle with all the pizzazz, or food, or drink, or other pressures – can be particularly vulnerable during the two-week shutdown.  Vulnerable to loneliness, to drink or drugs, and to other harmful behaviours.  And, all the while, all we can see though the distorting filters of social media, marketing and TV is schmaltz, carol singers and other peoples’ smiling good cheer.


Christmas at Parkland Place

The true spirit of Christmas couldn’t be further from these pressures.  Whether you recognise the religious festival or not, Christmas should truly be a time of warmth, togetherness and goodwill to all.

At Parkland Place, you’ll find fellowship, space and camaraderie – and support to help you to take the steps you need to recover your poise and your confidence.  We’ll help you to address the ways you think about the world around you, to understand how the things you do affect your thoughts and feelings, and to challenge how you look at the world.

We’re here to remove the pressures of Christmas – to help you see that they need not affect you; and that your self-esteem, your health and your wellbeing are the most valuable gifts you will ever possess.  We would be delighted to share a life-changing Christmas in rehab with you.

My life has changed thanks to Parkland Place.  I am ready to start my new journey.
The past is behind me now and I look forward to a new chapter in my life

Christmas in rehab: special winter rates

We continue deliver our full therapeutic programme throughout the whole of December and January* – with the same effective mix of group and individual work, plus a few festive celebratory flourishes.  And we will do all we can to help you, and your loved ones, feel at home.

Reserve your stay at Parkland Place by December 31 and receive a 20% discount on our tariff.  To qualify for our Christmas in rehab offer, guests will need to complete a detailed assessment with one of our admissions staff and secure their place with a deposit.  All stays must begin before January 31 2020.

There’s no better time to begin or to seek treatment.  If Christmas is a particularly trying time for you, or if you recognise that you need help now – then please don’t delay.

Also check out our Winter Wellbeing special rates.

* Parkland Place continues to deliver our therapeutic programme throughout December and January.  Our structured programme of group and individual interventions is not available on December 25 and 26 or January 1, but will be replaced by fun and recovery-focused seasonal activities.