What should you expect ?


Firstly, you should feel very proud that you have picked up the phone and asked for help. Realising you need help is one of the hardest stages in recovery. Asking for help takes courage.


Detoxification is the process of allowing your body to rid itself of a substance. Detoxification programmes may vary in length, depending on the substance you are being detoxed from, the amount and frequency that substance is used and any physical or mental health conditions.


There are 2 pathways into treatment. One is as a private client paying for your own treatment, the second is as a funded client, this is arranged by your local drug and alcohol team. Whichever route you take to access treatment, this will not determine the level of care you receive. We treat all our clients equally.


Day one

On the day of your admission one of our drivers will collect you from your preferred address. All our drivers are experienced in dealing with withdrawal systems and are caring and compassionate. Our vehicles are discreet and unmarked.


On arrival a member of our recovery team will come and greet you. They will settle you into your own single occupancy bedroom and offer you a warm drink. The recovery worker will complete observations with you, these are blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, oxygen levels, temperature and blood sugars. You will also be breathalysed and asked to complete a urine drug screen and covid test.


All property brought into the unit will be searched, this will be done with you present. You will then be given time to rest and settle into your room.


The registered nurse will come and complete a nursing assessment with you. This consists of substance use, physical and mental health issues and any prescribed medication.


You will then be seen by our Doctor or Independent Nurse Prescriber and they will complete a physical examination with you, clarify any prescribed medication and complete a medical assessment. Once this is done they will explain your detox regime and any medication they will be prescribing you. This is a good time to ask any questions about your detox and what you may experience.


On your first night, we understand this can be quite daunting. There are nurse call bells in all rooms, so if you need any assistance you can use this at any time. The night staff will complete 1 hour welfare checks, these will be completed whilst trying to not disturb you, these are a CQC requirement.

Medication times for each day at 8am, 12pm, 6pm and 10pm.


Once your first day is completed you can start to follow our daily routine offered to all our clients. All meals are included in your residential treatment, all meals are cooked onsite by one of our qualified chefs. Breakfast and snacks are self service and available throughout the day.


Our recovery workers offer a morning meeting to discuss meal options and any issues that might need to be raised. At 10.30am the recovery workers will offer a group session and then an afternoon group will be offered at 2.30pm. Recovery workers offer groups covering relapse prevention, triggers and health promotion. Lunch is served at 12.30 and Tea is served at 5pm in our communal dinning room. There is plenty of free time available to recuperate and give your body the well deserved rest it needs.


We can offer activities such as arts and crafts, gardening and board games. We can arrange movie nights, mindfulness and relaxation classes and walks.


Coming up to the end of your detox, our recovery workers will discuss aftercare with you, this could be a pre planned rehabilitation stay, or attending local recovery groups such as AA. The recovery worker will also discuss relapse prevention and making sure you are aware of all help available to you, this will be completed in a 1-2-1 session. Up on your discharge date we will arrange any prescribed medication you may be on and also a discharge summary for you to pass on to your GP if you wish. One of our drivers will then collect you and take you to our preferred address.