Rehab for Essex, Southend on Sea, Chelmsford and Colchester

Where to get help in Essex, Southend on Sea, Chelmsford and Colchester

Parkland Place is located just 41/2 hours from Essex. We are able to work closely with social and health services all throughout the Essex area.

Addiction in Essex – Finding Help in Southend on Sea, Chelmsford and Colchester

Many people in the Essex region are affected by addiction and the knock-on effects, whether individuals are directly afflicted with addiction or have a loved one close to them who suffers from it. Drug and alcohol abuse and dependency is certainly not a rare phenomenon in Essex.

What does the term ‘Addiction’ refer to ?

Addiction is a disease that is found all throughout society, all occupations and classes can develop issues with alcohol or drug misuse, but many forget that behavioural addiction is also very common. This means that you can be addicted to sex, money, gambling and more.

People with serious issues can also develop multiple addictions at the same time (cross addiction). Drug Addiction can come in many various forms, what first comes to mind is illegal substances such as crack cocaine, meth, heroin or other street drugs – however legal substances can also be extremely addictive. Right now there are many problems with Opiates and Benzodiazepines.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Southend on Sea, Chelmsford and Colchester

Residents of the Essex region are fortunate enough to have great access to many great resources, addressing the increasingly common issue of addiction. In the county’s major cities, for example Southend-on-Sea, Colchester and Chelmsford, people who require help can find it in the form of charities, fellowships, outpatient programmes and of course residential rehabs.

How we treat people from Essex, Southend on sea, Chelmsford and Colchester with Alcohol and Drug Addiction

At Parkland Place we help those with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction every single day, we are able to treat this along with counter occurring illnesses such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, bereavement or behavioural issues connected to addiction. We actively provide intensive and residential treatment along the lines of our specially designed treatment plan built by our team of professional addiction therapists, with the oversight of our consultant psychiatrist.

Private residential rehabs such as Parkland Place are specially founded to pathe the most efficient and effective path to recovery.

What can you do right now?

We highly recommend you start attending local Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous group meetings immediately.

These should be non-profit fellowships of recovering addicts who will hold regular meetings together, with groups wherever you are in Essex county.

They have the  common focus on holding off destructive habits – as well as supporting one-another’s sobriety.

Talk to us.

Parkland Place’s admissions team are more than happy answering questions that you might have about our comprehensive program of recovery, admissions process or funding. We’re here to help.