Happiness Happens month is in August, next month, and it is a time where we can celebrate what makes us truly happy. The occasion is based on the premise that there is unlimited happiness, and it’s contagious, so sharing your own happiness can bring joy to others. 

At Parkland Place, we support Happiness Happens month, as lots of people manage to realise their happiness alongside recovery. Happiness is not a goal, but more a state of mind. No matter what life might throw in your direction, there will always be something to look forward to, and there will always be something to smile about.


Where has Happiness Happens month come from?

The founder of The Secret Society of Happy People, Pamela Gail Johnson, began the society back in 1998 to provide a voice for people who are happy and want to talk about it without having others rain on their parade. 

It started with Admit You’re Happy Day on August 8th 1999. Members wanted this to last a little longer, so in 2000 they extended it to the full month of August. 


What is Happiness Happens Month?

“The month reminds us that happiness happens one small moment at a time and it’s our job to recognise those moments when they happen. It reminds us that sometimes a small action boosts our happiness. It reminds us that happiness is a personal experience and it’s also contagious!”

Happiness Happens months also encourages individuals to take control of their lives and try to both do and think about things which bring them happiness. You can celebrate by doing something nice for yourself, or doing something nice for someone else. 

A lot of people are actually reluctant to openly show if they are happy, because they are afraid that other people will react negatively or be jealous of them. This time encourages people to share how they feel regardless. There is nothing wrong with expressing your emotions. 


2020 has been an interesting year so far, with COVID-19 lockdowns maybe making people feel less happy than usual. Regular summer activities have been halted, and we’re all waiting to see what Autumn will bring. It is understandable if you feel more stress, anxiety, and even depression. If this feels extreme to you, please reach out to someone or seek professional help, and remember you are not alone. 

The current situation could potentially be a trigger for destructive behaviour, including problematic drug or alcohol abuse. Social media addiction can begin to come uncontrollable due to having a lack of other activities to get wrapped up in. There is no better time to start looking for treatment, so if you are currently experiencing a difficult time, or recognise you do need help now, then please contact us

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Happiness Happens month is in August, next month, and it is a time where we can celebrate what makes us truly happy.
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