Whilst lots of people think that having a glass of wine or a beer after dinner isn’t an issue, there are few things we should ask ourselves. Including:


  • Do I drink more than 14 units of alcohol each week?

Guidelines from Drinkware advise that to keep as safe as possible, we should drink no more than 14 units each week. 14 units are around 6 medium glasses of wine or 6 pints of beer. Drinking more than this could put you at risk of becoming addicted to alcohol at some point in the future. 

  • Have you gradually been drinking more alcohol in the evenings?

If you have gone from having one drink a night to a few, this might show that you are developing a tolerance – you might need more of it to feel its effects. This might lead you to drink more and more as the tolerance gets stronger, which could lead to physical dependency. 

  • Are you using alcohol as a coping mechanism?

Lots of people use alcohol to mask feelings of depression and anxiety. Using alcohol in this way will not help the issues, and will only ever numb it for a short while. This can result in alcohol dependence further on down the line.

If you are consuming alcohol every night, these things can show if you are at risk regardless of the amount. Taking steps to reduce your intake can help lower the risk of alcohol damaging your health and wellbeing.


Ways to Avoid Alcohol in the Evenings


  • Start a new evening routine.

Create a plan for your evenings which keeps your mind busy. This means you will be less likely to feel an urge for a drink. 

  • Keep alcohol out of the house. 

If you drink every day, it is likely that you do this in your home. Clear out all the alcohol you have in to get rid of the temptation.

  • Focus on the benefits

Cutting out alcohol has so many benefits. It frees up more time, betters your health, aids better sleep, and saves money. 

  • Tell people about how you are cutting out evening drinking.

If you tell people about it, they are more likely to help you achieve your goal. They may get in nice non-alcoholic drinks for you at a dinner party for example.

  • Think about why you have been drinking. 

If you have been drinking because of stress, your relationship, anxiety or low self-esteem, think about what you can do to address this issue. Whether it’s looking for a less stressful job or going to therapy sessions.


If you find that you cannot stop drinking every night despite attempts to stop, this may suggest you need professional help. There is no shame in needing a hand, and our approach at Parkland Place will make you feel comfortable throughout the process.

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Helpful Ideas to Cut Down on Evening Drinking
Guidelines from Drinkware advise that to keep as safe as possible, we should drink no more than 14 units each week.
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