In most addiction cases, the friends and family around the patient suffer a great deal. The disease doesn’t solely affect the person with the addiction, but a lot of people around them are also impacted as a result. 

If you have a loved one who has an addiction, you might relate when you hear the questions – Why? Have I caused this to happen? What can I do? These are just a few concerning thoughts that might cross your mind, along with “I don’t understand how this has happened.”

You may feel your own mental, physical, and emotional struggles from a loved one’s addiction as you overcome the countless difficulties.  Years of living with this can cause anxiety, feeling alone and isolated, and fearing the stigma around having a family member with an addiction. If you are finding it hard to deal with all this, it is ok to reach out for some help yourself. 


Mental and Physical Impacts

Experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and feeling completely out of control of the situation, for extended periods, can cause mental repercussions for an individual. It can even cause physical side effects – all of which only add to the difficulty of coping. 


Financial Impacts

Family members can sometimes become the victims of criminal behaviour carried out by the loved one with an addiction. Individuals resort to theft to pay for drugs and alcohol and some family members may choose to pay off large debts for them which they cannot afford. 

If the user cannot work or is financially dependent on a partner, this can create huge financial struggles. Pair this with taking time off work to help the situation or being unable to work due to stress, and the situation can get even worse. 


Emotional Effects 

Emotions and your reaction to living with a loved one with an addiction can change on a daily basis. Feelings can come on strong, including the following:

  • Disbelief and denial at the situation
  • Being scared, fearing what might happen and what is happening
  • Feeling guilty, thinking you have made things worse
  • Being angry with how you have reacted or with the individual themselves


Addictions Treatment Supporting the Whole Family

Our team at Parkland Place understands that having a loved one enter rehab treatment is not only an overwhelming experience for the guest, but also for the people around them. 

With us, the family will have the opportunity to speak to our team to understand the effects of addiction. Families and loved ones are a key part of recovery. During your stay, the ones closest will be offered family therapy visits to keep them involved and available for support. 


If you would like any further advice about supporting a family member with an addiction, or have any questions regarding our treatment programme at Parkland Place, please contact us. A member of our team will do their best to assist you. 



How Addiction Affects the Family
Article Name
How Addiction Affects the Family
The disease doesn’t solely affect the person with the addiction, but a lot of people around them are also impacted as a result.