Our Addiction Rehab Programme guide

Our guest programme offers an unrivalled therapeutic recovery for those with alcohol addiction, drug addictions, gambling addiction and other harmful behavioural conditions and addictions. 

The programme is adjusted to suit the needs of each of our guests, and delivered by a team of our friendly and expertly trained staff. The tailored approach means that we can get to the root. We address the social and psychological needs underpinning the addiction, and make sure our guests get the correct support to make the crucial lifestyle changes.

You can view the full guest programme guide here.

The Approach

At Parkland Place, we can understand that addiction and other behaviours are usually running alongside psychological and social pressures. We work with our guests to identify which issues they are dealing with, and help develop and plan new ways of facing them. 

Our approach is suitable for people who suffer from common mental health conditions. This includes; anxiety disorders, depression, loss and bereavement, chronic stress, and post traumatic stress disorder. It is suitable for substance misuse and other harmful behavioural conditions such as alcohol addiction, illicit and prescription drugs and medication, gambling addiction, video gaming and social media. 

Our Aim

Our aim is to reinstate our guests to abstinence. We help them to build their recovery resources, and renew their complete lives with a fresh outlook and new goals to aspire to. 

We want to empower positive changes in the people that are affected by these addictions, mental health issues, unemployment, offending and other challenges life faces them with.  We do this through a range of services and support methods, putting the people first and holding ourselves accountable. 

Our Staff

Our management and team of therapeutic staff have years of experience and expertise within the fields of addiction, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Our team also extends to the administrative staff, catering, housekeeping, drivers, gardeners, and maintenance staff.  Everyone is determined to deliver great hospitality to our guests and shares a high standard in care, compassion and respect. As we tailor our approach to you, we can configure the perfect staff-to-guest ratio. Your therapy experience will be personal with full support throughout. 

Our Accommodation & Facilities

Parkland Place is lucky to have a light and generously proportioned accommodation in a Mansion that is arts and crafts influenced and full of wonderful character with its high ceilings and many of its original features. We sit within three acres of lawned gardens, surrounded by woodland and birdsong. A relaxing location to carry out your rehabilitation. 

Each of our bedrooms includes an en-suite with a bath or shower, individual styling and a range of options with superfast Wi-Fi throughout the building.  Our in-house chefs serve local, fresh, nutritious, bistro-quality food. 

Our Programme

The programme our guests receive will be based on them personally, and the needs they require. This combines a core schedule of activities with a range of personalised support. Our interventions are based on over 40 years of experience treating people with mental health and substance misuse conditions. This is delivered by our staff team where a number of whom have had their own experiences with addiction.

We deliver our programme both in groups and on a one-to-one basis. During your stay you will also be offered family sessions to involve your loved ones in your recovery. 


In a lot of cases, our guests need a detoxification before starting their journey to recovery. Whilst we don’t offer this on site at Parkland Place, we can provide a stress free access to our own clinic at Salus Withnell Hall, which helps to create a seamless experience. 


We want to address both the addictive behaviours and the psychological and social issues that feed these behaviours. We develop coping strategies and guarding methods against triggers. Typically this phase will last around 2 weeks and includes:

  • Activity scheduling and maintaining motivation
  • Identifying and challenging belief-led behaviors
  • Managing cravings
  • Managing anger and practicing assertiveness
  • Managing depression and experiences of low mood
  • Managing social anxiety
  • Reducing panic


The final period of the programme includes a review of your learning, an open discussion of relapse and coping strategies, and establishing new ways to maintain and keep at your recovery when you leave. 

We will agree on your personal and professional goals for the future and lay down plans to achieve them. All guests can use our aftercare support to help them with their progress. 


Before you leave we will work on our aftercare plan which will be adjusted to your personal circumstances. We will make sure that you have the contacts you need for community support, mutual aid groups, and employer liaison where you live. 

We will stay in touch! We like to have regular catch ups with our guests in the 12 months after their stay. This helps to keep them focused and make the most of their recovery. 

Our Guest Programme Guide
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Our Guest Programme Guide
Our guest programme offers an unrivalled therapeutic recovery for those with alcohol addiction, drug addictions, gambling addiction and other harmful behavioural conditions and addictions. 
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