At Parkland Place, we find it helpful hearing about peoples experiences with out treatment and how it can help the people around them. The following review is from the loved one of one of our guests with addiction issues. 

We approached Parkland Place late 2018. My loved one suffered from mis-use issues and depression. At the time, I did not understand what was happening to him as everything happened slowly over a long period of time. Mis-use issues are complicated and hidden away in silence for a long time. I was too embarrassed to tell those closest to me what was happening in my life. 

For a few years, I felt that I was the one with the problem, that I was fundamentally at fault for what was happening to all of us. It was my father, my dearest friend, that helped me to see that there was nothing wrong with me and that the problem was elsewhere. 

There was no judgement or criticism in this, but with his encouragement and careful guidance, I realised that I had choices and that I did not have to stay in this chaos. My husband knew that he was about to lose us. I also knew that he could no longer handle is own unhappiness; everything was out of control and he was utterly exhausted.

And there began our journey in Parkland Place. We approached a few substance mis-use places in Manchester and Liverpool. At the time, I had very little left to give my husband and to be very honest, I would have dropped him anywhere and driven off except that I could see he was terrified, and I realised that he needed to feel safe to get better.

“When we first went to Parkland Place, I was struck by a feeling of calmness”

When we first went to Parkland Place, I was struck by a feeling of calmness, I felt at home in the building and I also felt that my husband would be safe there. It takes courage to address these issues and no one can achieve that if they are terrified. 

We were shown around the beautiful building, the bedrooms, the various sitting rooms the therapy rooms. I spoke to Leon for a long time in the garden and I liked that Leon challenged my husband the first day he met him. Julie and Joss were also brilliant, reassuring, and professional.

I know the programme was very intense for my husband, but there is a very good balance in terms of therapeutic intervention and rest. Remember that your loved one is mentally exhausted on top of everything else. Do not get me wrong, this has not been an easy journey for any of us and it is not a quick fix solution. The programme requires a lot of commitment including from yourself.

I expected (naively in hindsight) that my husband would be fixed after 3 weeks but that is just not the case, another journey starts when your loved one comes home. All the new skills have to be practiced as a family and this is a long-term commitment. All the old destructive behaviours (which undoubtedly have become part of your life) must change. This can be hard to maintain but it is achievable – just keep with it. 

As a family, we participated in the aftercare programme at Parkland Place, personally this was invaluable to me. It took a lot of sessions for me to hear my husband and to really understand what happened to him. It also allowed him to hear how hurt myself and the children were. It has taken me a long time to forgive him and to let go of all that pain. It is still there but it is fading.

Julie and Joss has been very kind to us, and that support is very reassuring for both of us. On the odd occasion that we need someone to talk to, they been outstanding in terms of facilitating the odd ad hoc session, they are there for us.

Please put your trust in Parkland Place, I did. From the absolute bottom of my heart, I wish that you will have the peace in your life that I now have.

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Review - A Loved Ones Perspective
At Parkland Place, we love hearing about peoples experiences with out treatment and how it can help the people around them.
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