Rehabilitation is the most effective way to overcome an addiction. In spite of this, getting off drugs or alcohol after being dependent for a long time is not easy. In addition, the transition from rehab to life after treatment can be extremely challenging. When you leave a rehab facility, you are leaving behind the support system that has been there for you through your addiction treatment. 

The first few days after rehab are crucial (when a relapse is likely to occur), but after that you stand a good chance of making it to recovery. By understanding what awaits you once you leave the rehab centre, you can prepare for what lies ahead and increase your chances of staying sober.

In this article, we will take a look at the common issues that are faced when you leave rehab. 



As soon as you leave rehab, you will be faced with many temptations. What kind of temptations are we talking about? Well, it could be an old friend or relative who still has an addiction problem. Your chances of falling off the wagon are greatly increased if you surround yourself with people who still have a drug or alcohol problem. 

In other words, you can’t return to the same environment where you used to use drugs and alcohol, surrounded by the same people and atmosphere, and expect to resist temptation.

It doesn’t work that way. We’re only human, and we’re susceptible to temptation no matter how strong we feel. However, that doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself either. Relapse rates are higher among those who spend a lot of time alone.

If you do find yourself getting tempted, now is the perfect time to start a new hobby, as it can keep your mind off the temptations. Think about what you enjoy doing and how you can develop it even more so that you stay busy doing it.


Night sweats & cravings

There will be some long nights ahead. There are some people who suffer from nightmares and night sweats. After leaving rehab, you may experience insomnia and cravings that are difficult to manage.

The most important thing you can do during this time is to make sure you have a close friend or relative who can give you the support you need during this time. 


Broken relationships 

Your behaviour while using has probably hurt your friends and family. In reality, there is no magic fix for this, and when you realise what you have done to your relationships, it can be very difficult to recover.

Embrace the opportunity to make amends and win back their trust by giving it time to heal. It’s important to remember that these people care about you and most of them will be willing to forgive you if they believe you’re making an effort to overcome your addiction.



Before you leave Parkland Place, we will work with you to create an aftercare plan which fits around your personal circumstances. You will take away a portfolio including details of all the work you’ve done while staying with us, the strategies you’ve learned, and step-by-step plans to help you move forward in a way which suits you.


We will keep in touch! We offer all our guests regular catch-ups during the 12 months following their stay – to help them keep focused and make the most of their recovery.

Remember, rehab is only the beginning of a long journey, one that will be well worth the effort!