Alcohol features heavily in many people’s holiday celebrations. But for those in recovery Christmas doesn’t always feel like the most wonderful time of the year.

Thinking through how you will manage the holidays and your recovery is a crucial for maintaining your sobriety and starting the New Year off in a better place. We at Parkland Place have put together some tips to help you stay sober and healthy over the holiday season:

  1. Make sobriety your mantra

First things first: establish the expectations for yourself that this is going to be a sober season. Make a plan to stick to it. Prepare for people to offer you a drink, ask why you are not drinking, and in some cases pressure you to have one regardless. If you need to, practise how you will decline and what you will say if questioned. Being prepared for these sorts of situations will help you feel more confident when they arise.

  1. Bring a friend who also doesn’t drink

You may want to still join in on some of the holiday festivities, but at the same time feel concerned about getting carried away. Surrounding yourself with others who are drinking, and possibly encouraging you to drink can be triggering and dangerous in your recovery of staying sober.

Having supportive friends or family members who can help you to celebrate sober can have a positive impact on your road to recovery. If things become overly challenging or stressful, a good friend or family member can help you walk away from any dangerous situations.

  1. Plan your drinks

Make some effort with your non-alcoholic drinks. You can make a non-alcoholic drink fun, exciting and something that feel’s a little special. Stock up on fresh juices, cordials, and experiment with different mocktails. This idea is great if you are heading to someone else’s house. Take a bottle of something nice to drink with you, just as you would if you were drinking. Be in charge in what you are going to drink and own it!

  1. Stay positive

During recovery, you may feel a bit lost as to how to integrate into holiday events or activities without a drink. However, the space that sobriety provides can actually be quite exciting, as it allows for self-discovery. Removing alcohol from your life is a big step and an amazing thing to do. It might feel tough now, but you are on the road to a much brighter and happier future. Do your best to stay positive! When you focus on what potential excitement that awaits you, sobriety because an opportunity, not a restriction.

  1. Respect your limitations

Understanding your triggers and how to handle them is very important. How to handle them, and how to respect your own boundaries is what keeps you safe, both physically and emotionally. A key part of staying on the road to recovery is the practise of self-care, so it is vital you don’t let your self-care slide.

This holiday season, make sure that your recovery is on top of your list. Our team at Parkland Place can provide you with the care and treatment you need. Contact us now on 0149 203 421 to begin your referral in complete confidence.